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Leading Pediatric Ophthalmologist in Kerala: Serving Calicut, Malappuram & Kannur

Early years see the rapid growth and development of a child’s eyes. Early detection of eye issues can help prevent long-term vision issues, which if left untreated can affect a child’s ability to learn, connect with others, and affect their confidence. Children’s eye diseases are unique and require specialised knowledge for diagnosis and treatment.

Eye issues in children, especially in regions like Kerala, Calicut, Malappuram, and Kannur, require early detection and precise treatment by an experienced pediatric ophthalmologist. At the Paediatric Ophthalmology Department of Abate Eye Hospital, we proudly house a full-fledged team of specialized doctors, orthoptists, and optometrists, fortified with the latest tools essential for diagnosing and treating paediatric eye diseases. Among the pediatric eye conditions we frequently address in Kerala include refractive errors, strabismus (squint), amblyopia (lazy eye), childhood cataracts, genetic eye illnesses, and congenital glaucoma. Our approach to treatment varies based on the issue, ranging from advanced medication courses to state-of-the-art corrective surgeries.

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Diagnosis and Treatment

Correction of problems in vision must be diagnosed and treated at the earliest possible. Childhood is a period of rapid growth and development, meaning any issues can be rectified quickly. At Abate Eye Hospital, we have a select staff of knowledgeable and well-trained doctors, orthoptists, and optometrists who can diagnose underlying disorders of the eye and prescribe the ideal treatment to correct them.

Some of the defects can be rectified through the administration of medicines, but some require corrective surgery. These surgeries require sophisticated instruments and surgeons with both knowledge and expertise. At Abate Eye Hospital, we have the most innovative tools that aid our expert doctors to perform surgeries with accuracy and precision.

Our Doctors

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